The BEDS 2012 dream . . .

Unpack your coats and thermals, find your woolly socks and thermos, and get ready for a chilly but inspiring experience . . .

St Luke’s Anglicare and Strategem Community Foundation are proud to announce that the 2012 Bendigo Executive and Director Sleepout (BEDS) event will be held in the Bendigo Town Hall and Civic Gardens on the night of Wednesday 25 July.

Yes, the fundraising sleepout that enticed 140 of our business and community leaders to pay for the privilege of shivering under the stars on a freezing winter’s night in 2010 is returning.

BEDS 2010 raised $60,000 for St Luke’s youth homeless programs, and helped to highlight the issue of homelessness, right here in Bendigo. Thank you to everyone who generously supported this solution-focused, fundraising ‘first’ in Bendigo. 

BEDS 2012 aims to build on the camaraderie and positive results of BEDS 2010 to achieve further optimistic outcomes for our city’s young people.

Each day in Bendigo, St Luke’s workers strive to sow seeds of hope; accordingly, the BEDS 2012 dream is of creating a ‘hopeful’ future for our young people.

With this in mind, BEDS 2012 will shine an optimistic light on four key areas:

1. Building safety and stability for the young people of Bendigo,
2. Nurturing our youth in creating positive family and community connections,
3. Generating and supporting employment opportunities for young people and,
4. Raising awareness about youth mental health challenges.

Together we can commit to shaping real pathways and building positive and practical community connections for those of our young people who are experiencing serious life challenges.

BEDS 2012 aims to gain the support of 200 company directors, chief executive officers, general managers, senior managers, business leaders and community leaders.

A donation of $300 entitles you to take part in BEDS 2012, and commit to a ‘reality check’ for just one night so that young people experiencing serious life challenges can live with hope, dreams and aspirations.

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